Heraklion Prefecture


No stay in Crete can be considered complete without a visit to the magnificent palace of Knossos. The prehistoric palace with 1400 rooms counts 4000 years history. Having discovered the “English archaeologist Arthur Evans in the late 19th century, one can have a picture of the space through rehabilitation to whom bloomed the first European civilization. The story engages the legend as it was believed that the areas inhabited the anthropomorphic monster labyrinth, the Minotaur, the fruit of King Minos. Visit unique antiques “throne room”, which was discovered intact.


Matala is a coastal village in southern Crete near Phaistos, the second most important Minoan palace in Crete. Matala became famous when the 1960s arrived here hippies from all over the world to live in the famous caves of Matala located next to the beach. Matala is ideal for those who want to spend their holidays close to beautiful beaches, great archaeological sites and many villages retain traditional color. Shiva and Kamilari is traditionally nearby villages, and a radius of 20 km you will find much more. Matala are not offered for crazy nightlife and revelry, but there are enough bars to have a drink and listen to music by the sea. For those interested in the history of Crete, Phaistos (Minoan Palace), Holy Trinity (Minoan Villa) and the city Gortyn is very close to Matala. The beach of Matala is wonderful, while in the region is still the beach Kokkini Ammos and beach Kommos.


Heraklion is the largest city of Crete with a population close to 200,000. Heraklion houses the headquarters and the largest scientific organizations in Crete and is the commercial center of the island, with the largest port and airport. Worth seeing the giant Venetian walls (the largest in the Mediterranean) with various gates, the Archaeological Museum, the History Museum, the Museum of Natural History, the Museum of the Battle of Crete, the Aquarium. Also in the historical center, the Loggia, the square with the fountain of the Lions, the route on Aug. 25, the central market, the Basilica of San Marco, the churches of St. Titus, St. Menas, St. Catherine, St. Peter and Venetian harbor with its imposing fortress of Koules. In the evening you can stroll to the coastal avenue.


The visitor who arrives at the aquarium sees first a modern building which the architectural design of refers to a ship with its bow facing toward the western horizon of the sea. After entering the sprawling lobby, may choose to sightsee in the area of ​​aquarium tanks, enjoy lunch or coffee at the restaurant or at the snack bar, to attend screenings and events in the multipurpose room. The tour lasts approximately one hour, if the visitor wishes to peer all the organizations and exhibits. The size of this area related with the path to a marine scenography approximately 1 km, where marine organisms are exposed to numerous tanks, total capacity of 1,600,000 liters. Large tanks alternate with smaller depending on the guest species and their habitats.