Lasithi Prefecture

Palm forest of Vai

The palm forest of Vai is located in Crete, in Lasithi. Located at the eastern end of Crete by the sea in particular in the Cretan coast of Karpathios Sea, just north of the village Palekastro at about 20 kilometers from Siteia. It is one of the 19 Aesthetically Forests of Greece in which he joined in 1973. The reason for its inclusion in the category of protected natural areas is the existence of the endemic Cretan palm. This particular palm is known from the Minoan era and called Theofrastos palm (Phoenix theophrastii). Its area is 20 hectares and the name comes from the local dialect, in which the trees are named Valles or Vaya → Vai. It is the most extensively palm Phoenix theophrastii area in Crete, as in other areas of the island (about 10) found only small clusters or groves (Prevelis, Agios Nikitas), but there is no extensive forest. The palm forest is fenced.  In the fenced area there is a small spring which feeds a also small brook. At the eastern end, to the beach, are dunes, soil particularly favorable for the development of palm trees. The location of Vai is particularly important for Europe because of its uniqueness: nowhere else in Europe there is no known palm forest Phoenix theophrastii.

Elounda – Spinalonga

Elounda is a village in the prefecture of Lasithi on the north coast of the island of Crete, which is part of St. Nicholas. Is a coastal and popular tourist destination. Largely the VIPs visiting the seaside resorts luxury. It faces a very small island called Spinalonga bounded north by the Gulf of Elounda. The road to Elounda from Agios Nikolaos is approximately 12 km in length by following the coast, as it climbs to the top of a small mountain. The small village of Plaka (Lasithi), overlooking the island of Spinalonga is just 5 km from the main square of Elounda heading north from Agios Nikolaos. The inhabitants lived from agriculture, fishing, salt production in Venetian saltpans and extraction of whetstone.   Spinalonga. The island they left their last breath many people from leprosy. Now some of the buildings and houses are preserved as archaeological sites and tourist agencies are carrying tourists by boat to the island from Elounda. Tour takes place in certain parts of the island that accessed. It is an experience not to be missed.

Agios Nikolaos

An ideal destination for family holidays in Crete, Agios Nikolaos is full of interesting places, monuments and attractions. The Lake Voulismeni (“Lake” to the locals) is a small lagoon in the city center. A park with pine trees above the lake offers panoramic views of the city. From this park starts a stone path meanders among the trees and ends in the southern side of the lake, where small fishing boats tie up.