Amari – St. Anthony Gorge

Sensational location for those exploring the “secrets” of nature and folklore, is the Amari Rethymno. The area of Amari “insists” to maintain the “identity” of the former province, just because the physical boundaries and the particular mindset of people, allow it. It’s like an ark that keeps the flora and fauna, surrounded by mountains, with Psiloreitis dominates the landscape. The villages also ‘persist’ in old, famous architecture. People who live in them are welcoming and peaceful but unfortunately few. Most young people have left their villages to try to find a better future, away from livestock and olive cultivation that are not performing the necessary for modern families. Young people who stayed there cultivate their properties, graze their sheep and their goats, engaged in with beekeeping, and they develop agritourism activities while respecting the landscape, the place and its history.   The gorge of St. Anthony is a perfect route, which can stimulate the mind, heart and body because of its archaeological pulls wich are included in a wonderful natural background and due to the continued challenge posed by the hiker who wants to conquer.