Frequently asked questions

1) If my flight is delayed should you know?

No need to tell us because our company controls all flights to be aware of any delays. If there is a delay our driver is informed of the arrival time with no extra charge to you.  

2) At which point of the airport will I  be waiting for your driver and how to recognize him?

Our driver will be waiting in the arrivals hall and holding a sign stating CreteTaxi4u as well as your name so, just recognize him head to him.  

3) Payment

  1. By cash when getting off the taxi.

4) If  I arrive in the arrivals hall ahead of the driver, what should I do?

You should stay in the arrivals hall of the airport until the driver comes or you can contact us at  6947613500. Note: Once you arrive at the airport to better serve you have to put your phone in operation if possible.  

5) If we fail finally meet at the airport with your partner?

In the extreme case this happens and we are responsible, we secure another taxi from the airport. Note: This case is impossible to happen but we have to give further explanation to the customer that will trust us to transport for anything unexpected can occur.  

6) If you need a car seat when you should mention?

When you make your reservation, fill in the form should be noted as well as the child’s age.  

7) If the luggage will not fit in a taxi then what?

If you have more luggage and do not fit in the available storage space of a taxi then you need extra taxi we can arrange it directly with extra charge to you. Usually in a taxi fit four medium size suitcases.  
We wish you a safe and enjoyable trip to Crete! Friendly, Cretetaxi4u.